College Hill Youth Sports Joins USSSA

We are excited to announce that all College Hill Youth Sports tournaments will now be sanctioned through USSSA.

By Sanctioning with USSSA, Teams are provided with:

*  The opportunity to play in USSSA Tournaments.  In order to play in a quality USSSA qualifying tournament, USSSA State Championship, or a USSSA World Series your team must be sanctioned USSSA.

*  Compete against teams with the same classification as you.  This will allow the bigger events that you play in to be more competitive and therefore more fun for the players and parents.

*  Belong to a sanction body that will include over 48,000 teams across the nation.  USSSA is growing rapidly as teams all over the country are realizing the opportunities available through USSSA.

*  USSSA rosters are protected.  No player can be on 2 frozen USSSA rosters within the same age group, and each player has to be the legitimate age.  This is the commitment of USSSA to make sure competition is legitimate.

*  USSSA Insurance: All teams that are sanctioned with USSSA will have the opportunity to purchase USSSA Insurance.  Insurance is available to purchase for the amount of time your season is in play and will cover all practices, games, and tournaments (USSSA or not).  This one benefit can save teams money before they play their first game!

* each team sanctioned USSSA will receive a homepage on the USSSA website.  This site is great for the kids because it shows their tournament scores, stats, and power ranking.  They can compare their team with teams all across the country.

USSSA By-laws and Rules